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Rec and Park Retreats on Soccer Field Permits

UPDATE, 12:09 p.m. Oct. 16: The Recreation and Parks Department has confirmed that, effective immediately, no adult permits will be issued for use of the soccer field at Mission Playground, though youth league permits will still be available until 7:00 p.m. every day. ——— Rec and Park general manager Phil Ginsburg said he would make the soccer field at Mission...

After Apology, Meeting and Protest on Pay to Play Soccer Fields

After the awkward and disastrously weird incident at the Mission Playground last Thursday between neighborhood kids and DropBox employees, the S.F. Latino Democrats will be hosting a meeting at 518 Valencia Wednesday night. One of the items on the agenda – the soccer field at Mission Playground. The club will be considering plans to ask the city to drop the...

Suelo Inestable Retrasa Inauguración de Alberca de la Misión

Este año, mientras se llevaba acabo la remodelación del Área de Juegos de la Misión los equipos de construcción que estaban trabajando en los casilleros para hombres en los vestidores descubrieron que el suelo debajo de ellos es susceptible a la licuefacción, un estado en el que la materia sólida se comporta como líquido. Se pensó que la licuefacción se...
The pool at Mission Playground is mostly empty, save for some greenish water.

Shaky Ground Delays Mission Pool’s Opening

During Mission Playground’s renovation this year, construction crews working in the men’s locker room of the clubhouse discovered that the ground underneath them had become liquefied, a state where solid matter behaves like a liquid. The liquefaction was thought to be localized to the locker room but as crews conducted minor repairs to the pool deck it became apparent that...

Campos Pushes for Parks Bond

At a town hall meeting at the Mission Recreation Center on Wednesday, District 9 Supervisor David Campos let a small, mostly graying crowd of 24 know that he has always voted to raise funds for parks and green spaces. The event was part of a series of ongoing town hall meetings on parks and open space across the city. At...
A picture of Mission Playground's Soccer Field

Petitioner Fights ‘Pay to Play’ in Mission Soccer

Update When an argument breaks out in October, 2014 between newcomers and longtime players, Park and Rec explains its policy. Mission Playground formally reopened to ceremony and community love two Saturdays ago, but one San Francisco Recreation and Park Department policy is drawing criticism: allowing individuals to rent out the park’s public soccer field on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Since...

Residentes Celebran la Reinauguración del Área de Juegos de la Misión

El sábado pasado, un grupo de alrededor de 75 personas de la comunidad, con todo y familias sonrientes, llegaron a la reinauguración del Área de Juegos de la Misión. Los niños jugaron bajo las fuentes, en donde también había globos y un lugar donde se podían pintar la cara. Un DJ tocaba música soul, había camiones de comida para la...
A little girl runs across the newly refurbished playground area at Marshall Elementary School.

SNAP: Marshall Elementary’s Playground Gets a Facelift

The Mission District’s Marshall Elementary School hosted a dedication ceremony Tuesday morning to thank developer Avant Housing LLC and Devcon Construction for resurfacing and painting the cracked cement surfact of its playground area. The two companies, which also donated several wooden benches and a small greenhouse to Marshall, are building a 230,000-square-foot, six-story apartment building half a block from the...

SNAP: Play Time

I took this photo of children playing in the water at the new Mission Playground an hour ago, while walking home along Valencia Street. Lots of families were there. Happy to see that there are tables and chairs where people can eat lunch or snacks while watching the kids.