Though the ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for Mission Playground this morning was canceled, that didn’t stop strollers from rolling in, kids and adults from testing the new playing fields and a young boy from chasing bubbles across the soccer field.

City officials, including the mayor, were busy making the announcement on Piers 30 and 32 that the Golden State Warriors plan to move to San Francisco, so the pomp and circumstance for Mission Playground’s new playing fields, courts and play area will have to wait.

The new play area has a water feature with several streams of water that spurt out of the ground for four minutes when activated by a big block button in the middle. Water showers down from another large pole when activated. On a windy day like Tuesday, passersby had no choice but to notice the new feature, as it misted onto the sidewalk.

The new turf fields were made possible by $500,000 in funding from the City Fields Foundation, which addresses field shortages throughout San Francisco.

“This gives more kids and more adults an opportunity to play ball,” said Recreation and Park Department General Manager Phil Ginsburg. He and several others involved in the project were checking out the opening of the park.

The two new tennis courts with smooth blue surfaces are a welcome change for tennis players, who have been pushed over to Dolores Park’s crowded and cracked courts during construction. One player was already out and ready to hit some balls.

The now-complete phase 1 of construction also includes new lighting, artistic fences and plantings — though the new plaza near Valencia appears to be mostly pavement.

If you’re anxious for the return of San Francisco’s only outdoor pool, a grand opening for the entire $7.5 million project is planned for the fall, said Connie Chan, spokeswoman for Rec and Park.

The renovations were made possible by a 2008 bond and public-private partnerships like the one with the City Fields Foundation.

“This shows the importance of investment in our parks,” Ginsburg said. “We realize this part of the neighborhood is dense. We want people to have space to play.”

The building that houses the pool locker rooms is being renovated, and the upgraded “clubhouse” will have a multi-purpose room, music room and computer study area. The bathrooms are being renovated, too. A new playground beside the pool building will be ready to open in the fall.

More information on the project is here.

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  1. I am sorta shocked that there was not a little map or the location of this park up front and visible. I live in Bernal so i know where they’re talking about if it is where the Mission Pool is, but i thought that its location… especially with Delores parks re-opening recently, would have been a vital piece of information for this story. Just sayin.

  2. I happend to be there on the first day with my son and we had a great time. I realized we got included in two of the pictures taken on this day. The day turned out great and we had fun at the small plaza.

  3. Bitch, bitch, bitch. The constant complaining by some folks about any kind of change at all is so tedious.

    First of all, the “plaza” is landscaped and there are trees but it is all new and will take some time to become more lush. And anyway, that it is not as green presently doesn’t bother me so much. All of the trees and shrubbery that were there before just provided cover for all the junkies and winos. If you want more trees, walk a couple of blocks up the street.

    Second, who could take issue with a water fountain that kids can run around and play in? Really, …..?

    1. Agreed about the constant complaining. There is a very extensive planning, design and review process where citizens have an opportunity to provide input on the various projects in our community. Of course it takes a lot more effort to actually attend a meeting than making critical comments after the fact and then pressing the send key.

  4. Webster definition of “park”….a piece of ground in or near a city or town kept for ornament and recreation

    yes, its a plaza but much more attractive and usable

  5. Well, it’s much more HOT than it was, with all that new pavement and all the trees removed. WHERE are the plants and green space in this “Park?”
    yes, it is now a PLAZA.

    1. Previously, it was a patch of grass covered by shopping carts and drunk hobos.

      You obviously don’t remember what was there before if you’re complaining about this change. But thanks for commenting anyway.

  6. I didn’t know there was a water element planned. What a great idea for kids to cool off in the summer — especially around that area where it can get H O T.

  7. The city might have posted a notice or something about the event being cancelled. There were lots of people wondering what was up.

    Oh, and that water sculpture is really dumb idea.