After the awkward and disastrously weird incident at the Mission Playground last Thursday between neighborhood kids and DropBox employees, the S.F. Latino Democrats will be hosting a meeting at 518 Valencia Wednesday night. One of the items on the agenda – the soccer field at Mission Playground.

The club will be considering plans to ask the city to drop the pay and play policy for city soccer fields.

“We love San Francisco and are grateful to call it home,” Cheyenne King, a spokesperson for Dropbox wrote in an e-mail. “That’s why we were disappointed to learn that a couple of our employees weren’t respectful to this community. The employees involved are embarrassed and have apologized. We’re sorry, and we promise to do better.”

King also referred to the tweet apology by Jean-Denis Greze.

Park and Rec told Mission Local last week that adults only scheduled and paid for 185 hours last year. At $27 an hour, it’s unclear if the $4,995 benefit to the city makes it worth the conflict that they can cause. In contrast, youth teams used the field for more than 4000 hours – for free.

What happened on the Thursday of the incident was essentially a clash between two cultures – one accustomed to permits and another to free play. The team wearing Dropbox t-shirts paid for a permit and wanted to use it. The youth team was accustomed to a tradition at the field in which two teams play until the first goal is scored and then the losing team is replaced by the team next in line. In that way, everyone gets to play and no one pays.

According to Sfist, the organization has planned a protest for Thursday at 9 am outside City Hall to reject the reservation policy of Parks and Rec.

Andrea Valencia

Andrea was born and raised in Mexico City, where she graduated as a translator/interpreter. She has been working with Mission Local since 2009 translating content for the Spanish page. Also lives in the...

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  1. I’m normally so against censorship, but Sam’s continuing comments present such a strong mix of racism and stupid, that one considers if exceptions should be made.

  2. Why is Dropbox apologizing. It sounds like their employees played by the rules, paid their money and obtained a valid permit, yet let themselves be bullied out of their time on the field by a group of kids. They had a permit and should have called the police to demand its enforcement.

  3. then why are you still commenting on this. and nice backpedal – you were the one who said all along that they should have the right to play just because of a permit.

  4. sorry you can’t understand that parks and recs sells permits to people wanting to play. Maybe next time we’ll make sure any field where latinos play gets extra special treatment. Waaaawaaaa.

  5. Well yes and no. Obviously this is a trivial matter in and of itself.

    But it is an actual issue because it is symbolic of the changes happening in San Francisco and Mission neighborhood in particular. How could you not see that? There’s a reason why the video has like 300,000 views and its not because everyone is riveted by a small peaceful conflict between a group of children and a group of adults. Its because the children are lower-income multi-ethnic Mission-natives who have been playing there literally their entire lives, and the “adults” are mainly wealthy white young urban professionals who have lived here for “1 year.” The fact that the latter group was trying to throw the former group off the field is emblematic of the effect that the techies are having on the neighborhood (i.e. the result is local businesses, families, etc. being thrown out and being replaced with techie businesses and well not families because they don’t have families, but you get the picture).

    The fact that the techies in the video demonstrated tremendous entitlement and willful ignorance and dis-respect neighborhood traditions speaks volumes.

    1. Who is more entitled? People who followed the rules to reserve time or the people who insist they can use the field whenever they want?

  6. Dropbox shouldn’t have apologized. The guy with the dreads and his team were bullies. The tech guys had the reservation. Don’t like it? Then reserve the park & pay. Period.

  7. Drop box has nothing to apologize for. They followed the rules and regulations. The other group demonstrated a complete lack of respect for the regulations. It’s quite simple, If no one has reserved the field then the pick up games can continue, however, if some has reserved the field then you yield to them and give them the field. Anyone can reserve the field, it’s not that hard and the cost is minimal.

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