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Good Morning Mission. Welcome to Virus Village, your daily data dump.

Positive Cases.  The number of positive cases in San Francisco has risen to 4020 as of July 4. This represents an additional 28 new cases reported. As we’ve learned, cases  are added when test results become available, usually not the same day.  The seven-day rolling average is 49 new cases a day, still within the “high alert” metric set by DPH.

Approximately 4 percent of recent tests analyzed are reported positive. Slightly more than 2.5 percent of total tests analyzed in San Francisco have been reported positive.

The Mission continues to claim the highest number of positive cases.

Deaths. No new deaths have been reported. The total remains at 50. The number of new deaths reported in California and the U.S. continue to fall.

Hospitalizations. The rate of new hospitalizations has fallen but still remains in “high alert” territory. City hospitals continue to report 100% availability in case of a surge.

New Testing. Testing in the Tenderloin will try again. Today, DPH will collaborate with Glide Memorial Church in opening a new program. The last one didn’t go too well. A long time mainstay in the Tenderloin, Glide seems to have learned from previous mistakes. Residents will no longer need a Google account, a smartphone, or digital communication skills to be deemed test-worthy. Mission Local will continue to follow what we hope is progress.

SF rose to the occasion in supporting UndocuFund – even a high school Mariachi band pitched in with a concert. 

La Cocina, the Mission’s Food lab has had to regroup with the crisis, luckily, resiliency is baked into their recipe. 

HiGeorge, a data visualization startup, developed some new visualizations for Mission Local, which we will be using and fine-tuning in the days to come. 

Mark Rabine

Mark Rabine has lived in the Mission for over 40 years. "What a long strange trip it's been."

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  1. This publication has been my go-to to understand how San Francisco is faring during the pandemic because it has the best data on SF’s COVID cases. Thank you!

  2. What happened to the tracker that kept information how many positive cases were confirmed each day. I am unable to find an updated version.

    1. Hi Justin. Thanks for the question. Here’s the answer as best as I can say. Today the SFDPH confirmed 28 new cases. This doesn’t apply to the tests taken yesterday. Those test results will not be available for at least a day, usually more. The problem is more than just de-centralizing tests, it’s also the de-centralized lab analysis. It’s another example of a de-funded, disjointed, overworked and borderline dysfunctional public health care system which many in and out of government are heroically trying to navigate. The virus is bad enough. When you combine it with the current state of our (national) public health system, I’m afraid this is what we get.

  3. “The number of new deaths reported in California and the U.S. continue to fall.” Not in CA. Not according to what the LA Times reports anyway. Been holding steady at 60 / day for the past few months. Even if the above statement is correct it’s not backed up with a source or reference or even data in your graphs. Please correct.

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