Friday night outside the Sycamore.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health provides daily updates each morning. We will do the same.

The most recent numbers from the Health Department show 29 newly-announced confirmed cases, and no new announced deaths as of yesterday.

Of the newly-announced cases, 13 were added with a confirmation date of May 26, 15 with a confirmation date of May 25, one with a confirmation date of May 24, and one with a confirmation date of March 31. The number of confirmed cases on May 21 was also decreased by one.  For now, our data tracker below continues to track the number of new confirmed cases and deaths on the dates the Health Department announced them, and not the retroactively-adjusted confirmed dates.

Much has been made of the city’s recalcitrance and the supes insistence over the issue of moving the homeless off the streets and into hotels. But even in the small experiment ongoing at the hotels, there is much to be learned – or without due attention, a disaster in the making.

What’s clear is that the city is not moving the homeless quickly into hotel rooms. 

The town hall meeting by zoom revealed some preliminary information on the killing of Courtney Brousseau on May 1 at 14th and Guerrero.

In other news, the Great Burger War goes to The Pork Store, and we try takeout at La Traviata.

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Please note:

The embedded data tracker below will continue to be updated daily after this post is published.

For the number of confirmed cases each day, our tracker is tracking the date on which the Health Department announced new confirmed cases, not the date which the department said those cases were confirmed on.

There is a discrepancy between the total number of positive test results reported by the city and the total daily number of confirmed cases. The discrepancy comes from a delay in fully investigating positive test results. In doing so, health investigators find some duplicates and some are for people who live outside of the city, according to epidemiologists at the Department of Public Health. New cases are only added to the daily confirmed cases after an investigation is completed.

Also, there is also a discrepancy between the hospitalization data reported by the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) and the county hospital data reported by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). This is because SFDPH receives data from one additional hospital, San Francisco VA Health Care System, that is not required to report to CDPH. “SFDPH statistics will trend higher as long as this hospital has patients admitted as either COVID-19 positive or suspected COVID-19 positive.”

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