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Phil Jaber inside his first "Philz" coffeeshop, on 24th and Folsom streets. Photo by Laura Waxmann

Who Invented One Cup at a Time? The Phil and Rodger Story

At coffeeshops around the Bay Area, caffeine fiends seek solace in the one-cup-at-a-time specialty coffee of Philz Coffee, knowing nothing of the historical dispute hidden in their cups. Inside the first “Philz Coffee” at 24th and Folsom streets, Phil Jaber, a man who has gone from owning a corner store to being backed by some $15 million in VC funding...
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I’m Not in Japan Anymore

Mean Streets, It’s Personal,   tales of crime or adventures from neighbors who experience them.  Send your tales to info@missionlocal.com Just off the plane from Japan. Cecilia and I headed down to get a cup of Philz’s strongest and were greeted… so to speak. by our neighborhood violent inebriate.  “You stole my picture”… he shouted.   “You took my money.”  Then he...
Willie Mays

Giants Ice Philz 4-2

Following the route of Mission Creek from the sacred baseball fields of San Francisco (now a hideous mall) to the mudflats of Mission Bay (now a Clockwork Orange development scam) doesn’t take long, even for a dawdler. Often it’s a beautiful walk, providing a calming counterpoint to the chaotic spectacle you will soon witness, chained to your seat at the...