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When Phil Jaber fixed his window at Philz Coffee on 24th Street and Folsom, he moved a billboard over to cover a 2001 mural, “Materialistic Displacement,” by Fredericko Alvarado and Manuel Sanchez.

The mural includes a tank, a space-suited person pushing a shopping cart filled with computer monitors, and a Dali-like body floating overhead. It was done during the dot-com boom and captures the surreal pace of that time.

Because of that extreme surreal quality, Jaber said Monday morning that he wasn’t sure if he still likes the mural. Maybe, he suggested, he should ask the artists to make a few changes. He also asked — jokingly — if I would like to buy it.

But, he said, I like to listen to people. According to Jaber, I was the first person to ask about it.

As the owner, he’s responsible for letting the artists know before anything is done to the mural. The artists have also been contacted by Mission Loc@l and asked to comment.

In the meantime, Jaber is listening. What should Phil do?