Patti Smith had coffee at Philz last night. Photo by DaigoOliva, Flickr.

The godmother of punk, Patti Smith, made a coffee stop at Philz Coffee on 24th Street Monday night.

She ordered two small coffees and two Mission mini cupcakes for herself and a friend.

“She was friendly and she tipped well,” Philz manager Katie Murphy said. “She melded in well with the crowd.”

Murphy, who was on shift at the time, noted that Smith was treated with the same courtesy as any other customer and didn’t demand any special treatment. “She’s a very pleasant woman,” Murphy said.

Smith performed at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park this past weekend.

Jessica Lum

An admitted technophile, Jessica Lum navigates the Mission with Google Maps, but has only really come to know the neighborhood by wandering on foot, looking at murals, and occasionally watching the guy...

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