Patrick Kollman

Interested in social justice and exploring the world through conversation and traveling. Particularly interested in documentary film and long-form writing.

Stories by Patrick

Swine Flu Krispies

Today it’s about food. Food suitable for the President. Food that cures anxiety. Hell, food that battles swine flu. You know how when you’re a...

Bert & Ernie for Mayor

Is everyone else sick right now too? I’ve been sick all week, but it seems like the fall cold is more broadly distributed than the...

Supes, Science and Mission High

Mission High School takes center stage on Mission Loc@l today. Watch the student-produced video of Mission High’s chess champ William Sanchez. Or venture into another...


With Day of the Dead and Halloween now behind us, surely many people will get the post-dress-up-like-a-fool-in-public blues. But November has other treats in store....

Halloween, After Dark

Alcohol and adults replaced children and candy on a rowdy, peaceful Halloween night.

Halloween, Before Dark

Before the ghouls and booze came out.