Today it’s about food. Food suitable for the President. Food that cures anxiety. Hell, food that battles swine flu.

You know how when you’re a kid you think your parents are full of it when they say candy is bad for you? Well, Kellogg’s recently took the kids’ side of the argument to sell Cocoa Krispies. A big, yellow banner on the front of boxes declared that the crunchy sugar pebbles “help support your child’s immunity.”

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera broke children’s hearts around the nation by challenging Kellogg’s over false advertising and playing into fears over swine flu, according to SF Weekly. Now that the company said they will remove the immunity claims kids won’t be able to pull the ol’ “Cocoa Krispies fight swine flu” card, and must instead revert to old-fashioned sugar-withdrawal tantrums.

One Mission restaurant got an executive-sized shout out in the New York Times this week from former White House chef René Verdon, 85, a San Francisco local. Verdon, a chef for the Kennedy’s, recommended Range as a favorite.

Certainly I can’t be the only who’s overwhelmed by the plethora of choices available when you want to eat Mexican food in the Mission. I realized recently that I was never eating any Mexican food because I couldn’t make a decision. And let’s face it: not all tamales are created equal.

Halloween night we took a sorely needed break from photographing the costumed debauchery and my tamale anxiety was overwhelmed by fatigue. Let me spare any more rambling and say that La Oaxaqueña is awesome! All we had were the forearm-sized tamales, but they were incredible (and less than $4)!

If you’re looking for a cheap fix for your belly today and don’t feel like waiting an hour to get into Tartine, pop in to La Oaxaqueña, you won’t be disappointed.

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