The weather felt a little more like fall again yesterday. Makes me want soup, tea, and hot toddies. Also makes me appreciate warmth and big, hot meals.

The San Francisco Food Bank is getting ready for the holidays by opening a new food pantry, its 200th, to meet increasing demand. The new pantry will be located at the Lutheran Social Services Mosaica Housing Project at 2949 18th Street.

Several folks lost their food money paying a citation yesterday. Police conducted the biggest-ever raid of its kind on Muni lines citywide. Mission Loc@l’s Deia De Brito was there. Pretty sure Deia was reporting though, not getting fined.

On a lighter note, did you know our neighborhood had a namesake band in Canada? Probably not.

When I came across The Mission District in a search yesterday my curiosity forced me to watch. This video went viral here at Mission Loc@l and we’ve gotten a disproportionate amount of chuckles out of it (see below). The band’s off touring in Europe right now, so, alas, you won’t see them anytime soon.

Headed to Europe under far different circumstances is Murat, the beloved French food cart man, who is officially being deported. Mission Loc@l spoke to his wife, check it out here.

Less fun than the Mission District’s tour, and certainly more enjoyable than Murat’s journey, Mayor Newsom also flew across an ocean as well.

The Chronicle reported that, without even informing his own staff, the Mayor bolted to Hawaii. This comes just days after bowing out of the gubernatorial race. Coincidence? You decide.

Election results are in. And … Obama’s still President, Maine doesn’t want equal rights for all, and Candlestick Park might get renamed once again. Check out all the results for local measures here, or blow your mind below.

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