Seems like a slow local news night when Mission Mission is covered with images of goofy genital towels and SF Gate is focused on the Giants’ star pitcher, Tim Lincecum, smoking pot.

Check out Rosa Ramirez’s article about SF City College’s innovative (if slightly creepy) statue installation touting the merits of two-year schools.

Mayor Newsom’s headed back from Hawaii, apparently still interested in the mayorship. Murat, the famous food vendor, is still in detention, and sadly not making any more tasty treats on the streets of the Mission.

One tasty treat still being made in the Mission is good ol’ PB&J. Each month the Peanut Butter Plan convenes in the back of McSweeney’s to make everyone’s favorite childhood sandwich. The folks then dole out the sammy’s to hungry people on the streets. Mission Loc@l tagged along this month, watch here.

Speaking of our local literary haunt, McSweeney’s released information about their print “newspaper” edition, San Francisco Panorama, to be released in December. Looks pretty cool, but I’m guessing at over 380 pages it will cost a fortune.

Mission Loc@l’s newest print edition (less than 380 pages and free!) is out now as an insert in El Tecolote. Embrace the printed word once again. Smell the nostalgic newspaper smell and get away from the computer for once.