With Day of the Dead and Halloween now behind us, surely many people will get the post-dress-up-like-a-fool-in-public blues. But November has other treats in store. And not just turkey/tofurkey day.

That’s right, it’s Movember! Not a typo, but a monthlong celebration of the mustache. It’s also National Novel Writing Month for those of you with free time.

Whew. What a month!

Someone else has free time too … or they see dollar signs. Either way, there’s yet another new iPhone app: a complete video guide on how to be a hipster (and I bet the mustache makes an appearance). Ouch.

More ouch? Supervisor Campos issued a letter to Mayor Newsom seeking a public debate over the “Confidentiality of Juveniles’ Immigration Status.” The office of the Mayor, who last week vetoed the Campos-led legislation and has defiantly declared he will ignore the Board of Supervisors’ upcoming veto override, said a debate is “unlikely.”

Pot smoking! Another debate loaded with conflicting messages from government officials. A California federal prosecutor said that raids on medical marijuana dispensaries are not necessarily over. A collective cough heard round the state.

Things are slightly less hazy in L.A. politics, where a city council committee is trying to ban the declawing of cats, decrying it as mutilation. Silly L.A.

While you can’t vote on cat claws, or whether your mayor defies the city’s democratic process, you can vote on a variety of propositions today, outlined by Heather Duthie here.

If you’ve already downloaded that hipster app, you will now be crying sad, hipstery tears into your PBR at the following news. A Superior Court judge delayed a decision Monday to lift a three-year-old injunction that is holding back plans to add more than 100 miles of bike lanes in the city, thus limiting the range that fixed gear bike can take you safely.

So, while Obama’s not on the ballot,  you can actually still go out and vote.

Let us remember Laika, a Russian spacedog who, 52 years ago today, became the first animal to orbit the Earth. RIP Laika.

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  1. Laika, a true pioneer, without whom we would be bereft of so much knowledge and so much technology. RIP, Laika.