Map showing different kinds of restaurants and pop-up summaries of their reviews.
Reviews by Maria C. Ascarrunz, Mark Rabine, Julian Mark, Ricky Rodas and Annika Hom. Map by Will Jarrett

From Zeitgeist in the north all the way down to Coco’s Ramen in the south, the Mission is a smörgåsbord of culinary temptations.

No matter your gastronomic proclivities, you can find food you will love, whether it’s greasy mounds of fries, trendy Asian fusion or Salvadoran pupusas (just like mama used to make).

Over the past few years, our intrepid food critics have been venturing out to find the best spots for your next meal, pandemic be damned. The Great Burger War of 2020–21 was waged tirelessly for your vicarious culinary satisfaction; countless feathered friends fell to bring you news of the perfect Fried Chicken Sandwich.

More than 100 of our reviews have now been assembled in one place. Find out which chicken sandwich is “an evil-looking nebula of dense, almost tumor-like fried batter,” and discover the burger Julian Mark could not describe without comparison to orgasm.

Looking for venues of a boozier variety? We have assembled all of Benjamin Wach’s Mission bar reviews into one place with our Distillations review map.

If we have missed your favorite restaurant in our reviews, let us know in the comments.

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