Most of us are stuck at home, and while a lot of us are enjoying the extra cooking time, now’s the time to start supporting our Mission restaurants, most of which are struggling to stay open during the coronavirus shutdown. In conjunction with Mission Local posting a map of places in our neighborhood that have remained open and continue to want to serve the community – if only by take-out or delivery during these trying times – I’m going to be checking out a few to give you the skinny on them. (You can check out more of our reviews here.)

First up, with Tuesday being American Take-Out Day (March 24, 2020), the BF and I ordered and picked up from The Liberties, an Irish pub and grill that’s been a neighborhood go-to for 20 years.  The Liberties is offering online ordering with store-front pick-up at the door, including cocktails and wine. The gentleman who handed me our food said it had been kind of slow but had really picked up once they started selling booze — surprise, surprise!  They’ll make you a martini (wrapped up tight in one of those ubiquitous plastic 64-ounce cups) or a bottle of wine, or anything else they serve at the bar.

Tonight we had their Irish pizza: corned beef, Irish cheddar, mozzarella, leeks, chives, hash browns, thyme, San Marzano tomatoes. While this may sound like it could have been a mish-mash, it was really good, with a nice, thin, crackly crust (although we couldn’t discern the hash browns.)  We also got the corned beef and sweet cabbage with mashed potatoes.

Corned beef & cabbage and Irish pizza.

It was also very tasty and, although it wasn’t as nicely plated as I’m sure it is under normal circumstances, it was a very carbalicious, comforting meal on a rainy evening. I also picked up a bottle of Merlot.

The best thing about what Liberties is doing is that you can pay for a “service meal” ($10, $15, or $20), and the restaurant will donate it to an unemployed person – no questions asked!  So we got two, one for each of our orders, and received a discount of $5 off each of our own meals.

So get out there and support our Mission businesses!

The Liberties
998 Guerrero St. at 22nd
San Francisco, CA, 94110