Art topped crime this year, and Dolores Park and murals were featured in several of the top stories. I got through the top 10, but continued because I loved the story about the twerking reveler. It was written by a community contributor and it demonstrates how just one person can change the dynamic of an evening.

Coming in at number 12, Laura Wenus’s vigilant reporting on St. Luke’s sub-acute facility helped make sure hospital administrators took responsibility for its patients. I stopped my list at number 13 with the defensive boulders, an excellent story by Julian Mark that came from being diligent — checking up on an encampment that everyone said was cleared. 

Mission Local had more than a million unique readers in 2017, up by 15 percent from 2016, pages views increased by 42 percent to 4.8 million.

  1. Much of the Mexican Museum’s pre-Hispanic Collection insignificant or fake
  2. Pair of San Francisco 49ers players outthink, outrun, would-be armed robbers
  3. Local Rapper Rappin 4 Tay arrested in SF’s Mission
  4. Glorious Saturday transforms Dolores Park into a trash dump by Sunday
  5. Dolores Park style an off the shoulder day
  6. Immigration Agents Attempt arrest at Mission District Community Center
  7. Group beats, stabs youth in Dolores Park
  8. Controversial new mural in SF Mission already defaced
  9. Mission’s culture not for sale, but it can be painted over
  10. Police clash with skateboarders at Dolores Park
  11. Violence erupts at Dolores Park, twerking reveler changes the mood
  12. Sub-acute patients at St. Luke’s find no place to go
  13. Defensive boulders arrive at a cleared SF encampment