Six workers from SF Rec and Park arrived at 6:30 a.m. Sunday to find Dolores Park blanketed with the debris of what had been a beautiful Saturday. They picked their way through glass bottles of Corona, Modelo and Bud Lights, empty cartons soggy from the morning dew, a cornucopia of recyclable food containers, a picnic table, uneaten watermelon and plenty of hard liquor bottles, their pieces strewn along the principle pathway through the center of the park.

Few of the revelers, it appears, had read the signs to  “Keep Dolores Park Clean – Recycle, Compost Take it Home” or that no alcohol or glass containers are allowed.

“We will not finish,” said one of the crew members. They are only on duty until 10:30 a.m.

It is like this every weekend the temperature goes over 65 degrees, the crew said. It hit 73 degrees on Saturday and will reach 70 today.

While Rec and Park has a pack and carry policy at Dolores, which means there are no trash bins inside the park, it appears that more are needed on the perimeter.

The more than dozen bins on the perimeter overflowed with debris that had to be bagged and prepared for pick up.

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The crew worker had a theory on why the grassy slopes of the park looked like there had been sudden exodus of picnickers who simply had to leave their whole picnic behind.

“They’re just too drunk,” the worker said. Will it be the same next weekend and tomorrow? Probably, the worker said, adding that the only real deterrent was rain.

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Too broken to take home.

The overflow at just four of the bins.

This was after two hours of cleaning up.

An attempt to at least gather a picnic.

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