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Police confirmed the arrest of San Francisco rapper Anthony Forté , better known by his stage name, Rappin’ 4-Tay, following a Mission Local reader’s report that alleged Forté to be the suspect in an attempted home invasion on Wednesday morning.

San Francisco Police Department spokesperson Robert Rueca said that police responded to a call at 5:18 p.m. on May 10 of “someone trying to break into someone’s house on a unit block of Woodward Street,” between Valencia and Mission streets at 14th Street.

The caller gave a suspect description of the person attempting to break into the home, and police detained a man matching that description close by, said Rueca.

That person was identified as 49-year-old Forté, a well-known rapper from San Francisco’s Fillmore District. Forté was arrested for an outstanding warrant in another county, said Rueca.

A Mission Local reader who lives on the block where the arrest occurred said she witnessed the incident, and that another neighbor later informed her of the suspect’s identity.

Forté, known for his 1994 hit “Playaz Club,” among others, appeared on records by Too $hort and Tupac Shakur.

The rapper last appeared on March 17 at Casa Sorrento in Salinas, California, according to the website

In a 2011 article, in the East Bay Express, Rachel Swan described the short-life span of most rappers as five years. She wrote that Forté had forged a new alliance with keyboardist Dana Salzman, but at a concert at the Black Rep, “it quickly became clear that they were there to see Salzman, not 4-Tay.”

Nevertheless, Swan wrote, “Despite the sparse crowd, the tawdry party decorations, and the tetchy sound system at Black Rep, 4-Tay put on a terrific show.”

Crime is trauma and the county offers different services, which can be found hereVictims of violent crime can also contact the Trauma Recovery Center at UCSF.

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  1. This is how the media plays with less than vigilant people’s minds.
    The association of the crime is now firmly inplanted in association with the his name. However he wasn’t taken into custody regarding this but on another situation UNRELATED to this crime. Could be a failure to appear. Or an outstanding parking violation. Or jaywalking ticket.
    However someone at 5:18 am is looking out his/her window long enough to give an accurate description? That sounds sketchy to me.

  2. I knew Forte back when. Smart, good looking and talented. Hope he’s okay and not charged.

  3. Sounds like a bunch of yuppies were happy to see an african american get arrested for something he probably didn’t even do. Good job you squares.

    1. Dude had a hit Rap ‘song’ in 1994. So he’s got to be pushing 50 now. I thought this article was surprisingly sympathetic. But kids attracted to the ‘thug/Rap life’ (as well as pro athlete life) need to understand that it’s only cool until you hit 30. Then you have another 30-60 years you have to live, and you need a game plan for that.

      Very few make the kind of money you need to support yourself that long. Of those that do, most don’t have the education & foresight needed to spend it wisely and make it last.

      There is nothing “cool” about getting busted for a petty crime like breaking & entering at 50. It’s tragic.
      But it’s also preventable. Go to school. Do your homework. Get a boring, productive, reliable *job* after you graduate.

      It’s what adults do.

      Note: I said nothing abut the guy’s race. (you went there) It sounds like the cops caught him pretty quick and the homeowners were witnesses so there is a good chance they got the right guy, but the cops still have to prove it. He’ll have his day in court.

      Sounds to me like you are in denial about the harsh implications of continuing to act like an impulsive child long after your parents have stopped looking out for you. You’d do well to learn from this guy’s example, rather than making excuses for him!

      1. Hey I am real good friends with 4 Tay and it’s not the education because he was well educated . 4 Tay been been battling drugs for the last few years but recently had his father just died and he’s dealing with a lot on his plate

        1. Tay raps about being cool no violence and blah blah I used to think he was awe right. Home Invasion is a very very serious crime it goes above and beyond a B@E charge or a burglary charge in fact in fact here in Arizona under the publicly voted on Castle Doctrine law here you can use DEADLY force against this kind of crime. Mr Forte has served time in the Q and he is going back. In Arizona he would be doing 20 yrs and in the bay area he might do two and thats why serious crimes proliferate. latr Good luck Tay

      2. Well put Mr Blank I think has time moves on we unfortunately will see a lot more of these stories has the thugs rappers and so called athletes crawl out from under a rock and finally have to deal with Reality of living in the Real World. Age doesnt seem to be too kind to any of the three temporary careers mentioned . Again great comment. Im Audi TTW USAF ret.

    2. How many white dudes have tried kicking your kicking your door in in your residence Oh none Im from Burlingame and I moved to Arizona You bring race into it sounds like you been in da hood too long. For some reason people who are raised in the hood and( I got a grip of real gansta friends in south phx and they aint nothing nice) but invading a home is about has dumb has it gets itz a crime that could you stiched up for decades Anthony either blew all his cash and threw in towell I believe I met him up in T loin years ago its a sad situation he must not have any real friends Im glad no one got hurt .But back to my point the law is the law there is no race card here and that area of the mission has 750 k lofts Hell have his day in court and I hope that he can turn things going to the Q for 15 yrs at age Fifty dont sound to cool Im Audi TTW USAF ret.??✈??✈??✈???