It was another hot day at the park. Tons of people were out, catching some sun, and having some fun. We saw lots of Louis Vuitton bags, reflective sunglasses, Ray Ban sunglasses, and off-the-shoulder everything. There were also a good number of playful rompers and easy, breezy dresses. Although we usually capture both women’s and men’s fashion for Dolores Park Style, this edition is a highlight of the fab female styles we witnessed.

Name: Megan Zamiska
Brands? Matisse ankle boots, LF romper, Ray Ban sunglasses
How Would You Describe Your Outfit? Very fun but casual

Vibe: You can’t see Megan’s fringe boots, but they were stylish and cute. They added a bit of unexpected edge and interest to her colorful romper.

Name: Liz Heinze
Brands? Candelaria romper (from the boutique, Angel Wings, in San Clemente), AJ Morgan sunglasses from the same boutique, Steve Madden sandals
How Would You Describe Your Look Today? “Um, I think it’s a day in the park, casual, like wanna get some sun, um, yeah just like nice out.”
Vibe: Liz’s romper was sunny and relaxed, in a fun color and print. More people should wear yellow!

Name: Alexis Montano  
Brands? Forever 21 top, Zara skirt, Louis Vuitton bag, Sam Edelman sandals
How Would You Describe Your Look Today? “Sassy. I feel sassy today.”  
Vibe: Alexis was the birthday girl, and she apparently got my aforementioned memo on the fabulousness of wearing yellow. It’s sunny, it’s bold, and it stands out like a sun or an emoji. It was just the piece to elevate her cute, yet seen everywhere, on-trend, off-the-shoulder ruffle top. The icing on the sartorial cake was the iconic Louis V bag.

Name: Jeanette Christy
Brands: LF romper, Ray Ban sunglasses
How Would You Describe Your Look Today? “I would say casual but free. Flirty and free.”
Vibe: Jeanette’s romper also was a sexy yet not overtly sexy outfit. I live for rompers and jumpsuits in that kind of drapey, usually stretchy, and totally comfortable fabric. It’s fashion drama, without sacrificing comfort. I also love the sage green color, which was complimented by brown shades.

Name: Hannah Olson
Brands? Cleo Bella top, Carmar jeans, Sam Edelman sandals, Ray Ban sunglasses
How Would You Describe Your Look Today? “Um I think I’m like more, say, kinda hipster chic-ish? 
Vibe: Hannah was part of a group of friends out celebrating a birthday. I truly believe that friends that slay together, stay together. Even better than one girl looking fab, is an entire squad looking fab. Hannah looked summery in a very relaxed, boho Cher kind of way. It was sexy without being inappropriate or too much.

Sophie Taylor. Photo by Ekevara Kitpowsong

Name: Sophie Taylor
Brands? Wilfred Free (from Asos), shorts from boutique, sunglasses from Croatia, Fenty Puma By Rihanna slides
How Would You Describe Your Look Today? Oh, just free, like easy-going, Dolores Park style. Want to be comfortable, but not too hot.”
Vibe: Sometimes, you don’t have to wear a bunch of color or print to stand out. It also doesn’t hurt if you look like a model. Sophie looked chic and effortless in an off-the-shoulder top, that showed a hint of midriff, as well as a throwback, dangling navel piercing; shorts with just the right amount of detail; furry, Rihanna Puma slides; and sunglasses with just a hint of color.

Monica Ha. Photo by Ekevara Kitpowsong

Name: Monica Ha
Brands? Thrift store dress and bag, glasses from a street stall in Thailand, Alexander Wang ankle boots
How Would You Describe Your Look Today? Um I wanted something fun, but day-to-nighttime transition. Casual, yeah.
Vibe: Monica paired a sweet, feminine floral dress with the badass black ankle boots and a matching bag. Speaking of matching, her sunny, mango beverage matched her dress. Extra point for that.

Abigaelle Mulligan and Nicole Wedlake. Photo by Ekevara Kitpowsong

Name: Abigaelle Mulligan
Brands? Misguided top, Brandy Melville pants, Forever 21 sunglasses, earrings from Therapy store in North Beach
How Would You Describe Your Look Today? Um, I would like to say very wispy and boho chic maybe?
Vibe: Abigaelle was another of those spotted from across the park style moment. Her look was a mix of relaxed and dramatic, easy and detailed. Her wide leg pants looked comfortable yet had that drama, and the top had an intricate pattern and a deep V that was sexy, yet not over the top. Her yellow (yes!) tassel earrings added just the slightest pop of summer color to the ensemble.  

 Name: Nicole Wedlake
Brands? Free People dress, Ray Ban sunglasses, Dolce Vita sandals
How Would You Describe Your Look Today? “Um, boho and feminine and fun.” (was hard to hear but I’m sure this is what she said)
Vibe: Nicole’s dress was easy, relaxed, but had a color and print that caught my attention. It was effortless and hung beautifully on her slender frame. The sunglasses added the perfect finishing touch to the ‘70s boho look.

Lia Elias and Selene Elias. Photo by Ekevara Kitpowsong

Name: Lia Elias
Brands? Urban Outfitters tank and sweater, J.Crew shorts, Converse sneakers, Fossil bag
How Would You Describe Your Look Today? “Um, casual, beachy I guess.”
Vibe: How cute is it that Lia and Selene are sisters?! And that they color coordinated by sheer luck (and what I know to be sister vibes they unknowingly sent each other)?!  It’s black and white done all kinds of right. Clean, crisp, timeless, and stylish.

Name: Selene Elias
Brands? H&M top, Urban Outfitter jeans, Ray Ban sunglasses, Michael Kors watch, Nine West sandals, Kate Spade bag
How Would You Describe Your Look Today? “Um, casual, relaxed, summer style.”