Safari users, here’s your link to today’s feature on the raucous construction on Valencia Street. (Don’t worry it’ll be over soon? Maybe?)

I knew that Photojojo had a new book out, but wow I didn’t realize it was topping the charts on Amazon. Congrats Amit!

Via SFist, Humphrey Slocombe faces a Yelper shakedown. Seriously, people, asking for a discount just because you’re going to yelp about this? There are issues with this. Not least that they already have a great yelp rating and you’d have to have serious cojones to mess with their secret breakfast or ancho chocolate. (psst … so am I getting that discount for that plug or what?)


Segways advertising McDonalds McCafes on 19th and Capp streets. Photo by Lily Mihalik

If you didn’t make it to Elixir tonight for the Get Served party by the League of Pissed Off Voters, you missed a good time. But if you’ve been following the tagging debate you might – depending on which end of the spray paint can you’re on – enjoy this comment from a bartender at Elixir on Eater.

Burrito Justice is a bit uncomfortable with the new BART map. Come to think of it, I am too. Don’t try to be all sleek and stylish about things, show me where the BART actually goes in the city, even if it’s under it.

Last, Mission Loc@l reporter Lily Mihalik sends this photo of a pair of Segways at Capp and 19th, advertising McCafes? I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it either.

Oh, and we here at Mission Loc@l are planning on unveiling some big changes over the next week or so. While we hope it goes smoothly, you might notice some quirks. Please bear with and it’ll be better in the long run I promise.

– Armand