60 Seconds: Obama’s Immigration Stance

En Español.

Mission residents react to President Obama’s new immigration policy that grants work permits to young undocumented immigrants.


  1. terry smith

    How about some balance? How about the other perspective?

  2. kp

    I miss the fake ID guys on Mission and 22nd. They would fight crime better than the SFPD and they helped illegal immigrants get jobs.

    One time they tried pitching me a fake ID at the intersection, I laughed at them, and they laughed back at me. Cool chill guys that are now in federal lockup.

  3. bob

    Illegal immigration is a crime.

  4. Soonerdiver

    Illegal immigration is a crime and needs to be punished… this ploy by the POTUS is nothing more than an attempt to get votes to keep him in office for 4 more years. If he truly believed in what he said he would have done something long before now. A prime example is the Federal law we call DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act)… this is a law and the POTUS has directed Eric (law breaker) Holder of DOJ to not prosecute under that law. The president is a disgrace to the office and should be prosecuted with Mr. Holder.

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