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60 Seconds: The 16th Street Plaza “Pee Wall”

The Department of Public Works has painted some of the walls in the city – including one in the southwestern part of the 16th Street Plaza – with with a special coating that deflects liquid, to prevent people from peeing on them. We headed over there to see what people think of this new innovation. Some walls in the city have...

60 Seconds: Violence in the Mission

In light of recent shootings in the Mission District, Mission Local set out to talk to our neighbors and hear their perspectives on the violence. “It’s a lot of gang-related violence,” said Ricky, a Mission resident who lost two friends to gun violence recently. “The crime is unbearable, what goes on. The crime needs to stop with everybody getting murdered.” Yet according to data,...
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60 Seconds: Points of Pride

With Pride about to be upon us this weekend, we wanted to know what that evocative word, “pride,” means to some members of the LGBTQ community.  We talked to a few of them at “The Bi-B-Q,” a celebration of bisexuality that took place in Dolores Park on Wednesday. They shared points of pride, in their own words. And looking ahead to the weekend,...
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60 Seconds: 2014 Predictions For the Mission

With a new year beginning, do Missionites have a new outlook? New hope? New ideas? To welcome in 2014, Mission Local hit the streets to ask folks what predictions they have for 2014. To keep things optimistic, we also asked their opinions on what kinds of New Year’s resolutions the neighborhood should adopt. (Featuring music by Admiral Bob / CC BY 3.0)
Are you getting the new iPhone?

60 Seconds: The New iPhones? Not Yet.

In the week following the announcement of the iPhone 5s and 5c, Apple’s shares lost more than $50 in value. The company says demand for the new phones is high, but for the first time, Apple isn’t releasing pre-order numbers. How many people want these new phones? The Wall Street Journal’s All Things D called the 5s “…the best smartphone...
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60 Seconds: Prop. 36

Proposition 36, a statewide measure on the ballot in the November election, proposes changes to California’s three-strikes law. If it passes, it would revise the law to impose a life sentence only when new felony convictions are serious or violent. It would authorize re-sentencing for offenders currently serving life sentences if their third-strike conviction was a nonviolent crime, and if they...