Mission residents react to President Obama’s new immigration policy that grants work permits to young undocumented immigrants.

VIDEO: 60 Seconds: Reactions to Obama’s New immigration Policy from Mission Local on Vimeo.

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  1. I miss the fake ID guys on Mission and 22nd. They would fight crime better than the SFPD and they helped illegal immigrants get jobs.

    One time they tried pitching me a fake ID at the intersection, I laughed at them, and they laughed back at me. Cool chill guys that are now in federal lockup.

  2. Illegal immigration is a crime and needs to be punished… this ploy by the POTUS is nothing more than an attempt to get votes to keep him in office for 4 more years. If he truly believed in what he said he would have done something long before now. A prime example is the Federal law we call DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act)… this is a law and the POTUS has directed Eric (law breaker) Holder of DOJ to not prosecute under that law. The president is a disgrace to the office and should be prosecuted with Mr. Holder.

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