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A map of discontinued tech shuttle stops, current tech shuttle stops to be continued and brand new tech shuttle stops, as proposed by SFMTA's 18-month pilot program.

SFMTA Pilot Offers Little Change in Tech Shuttle Map

When the SFMTA’s new pilot program to regulate tech shuttles starts in August, few will notice much change as the pilot program will shift the location of some stops but will keep close to the same number of stops operating in the Mission. According to a map of proposed stops released by SFMTA, the program will remove six existing tech shuttle stops from the neighborhood, but it...
Di Pilla's original Jitney, with a young Michele, in 1976. Courtesy of the Di Pilla family.

Up Until the 1970s, Muni Had Competition

Few would suspect that La Argentina Gift Shop, an odd sliver of a store at 3250 24th Street, is part of a small empire built on a piece of Mission District history: the private jitneys that filled San Francisco for a large part of the 20th century, ferrying riders all over town and competing against Muni. The jitneys seem particularly...
Commuters board and nearly fill and almost empty bus at 24th and Mission Streets.

The Evening Commute? Walk If You Can

@6:33 Commuters tonight were divided between support for the drivers and anger toward them. Their views appeared to depend on their commuting experience. At 24th and Mission where the 48 moved slowly, commuters were unhappy and the drivers often became the focus of their ire. But at 16th and Mission streets where the 22 and 14 were moving pretty close...
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3-Alarm Fire Near Duboce Park

  A fire broke out at a home on Walter Street near Duboce Avenue and spread to two other buildings. All firefighters responding to the scene are accounted for, but the roof of the first building has caved in. The fire was reported contained at 2:43 p.m. 3 ALARM FIRE (update): the main fire building’s roof has collapsed. 3rd alarm...
Photo by Ohad Ben-Yoseph

Big Changes to Muni Approved

  Today is a big day for Muni. This morning, all but one of the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA) Board of Directors approved a massive project aimed at improving the efficiency and reliability of the city’s main bus system. The changes will begin this sumer. Called the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP), the approved proposal will increase Muni’s budget...
From December 2013

Google Wheels Roll On as Debate Continues

Monday’s protest that held up one private Google bus brought national media attention to the Mission and further intensified discussion about Silicon Valley’s impact on the Mission District and other San Francisco neighborhoods. For some within the company, the shuttle stop protest struck a personal chord. “We’re not all IPO’d, we’re not all millionaires, the cost of living is a...
A tech shuttle on 24th and Valencia St. during one of the protests in which demonstrators blocked buses.

Protesters Block Google Bus at 24th and Valencia Sts.

Protesters blocked a Google bus from leaving a MUNI bus stop in the Mission Monday, accusing Google and other tech companies of illegally using the city’s bus stops. Wearing neon yellow safety vests, 30 members of a group calling itself the San Francisco Displacement and Neighborhood Impact Agency chanted, “San Francisco, not for sale!” For some, the private shuttle buses...
Photo by Chris Carlsson

Muni After Hours

Muni driver Roger Marenco is much more than meets the eye. Immigrating to the Mission from El Salvador as a teen, Marenco has been a bold presence in local and city-wide politics ever since. His latest project, commissioned rotating murals along a stretch of South Van Ness between 24th and 23rd, captures the strife and resilience of the Mission.
Photo by Jay Galvin from 2010

Passenger Stops Runaway Muni Streetcar

A passenger stopped a runaway Muni Metro train today, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The streetcar was full of passengers. There were no reported injuries. The streetcar’s driver got out to fix a jammed door and the streetcar went without him. A passenger was able to pull the emergency brake and bring the streetcar to a halt.
A horde of people filed onto the 14-Limited bus at Mission and 24th Street on Day 1 of October's BART strike. Photo by Courtney Quirin.

Passengers Pack Muni and Commute Times Soar

It was not the best of days to try Muni for the first time.  Nevertheless, Italian tourist Eleona Brianzoli decided to test her luck. “I thought it would be busy because of the strike,” said Brianzoli.  And it was. Even with Muni adding 16 more buses to the 14 Mission, 14-Limited and 14X lines today the buses were packed.  As...
Suspect arrested at 22nd and Mission after allegedly starting a fight on a MUNI bus.

Man Arrested After Allegedly Threatening to Kill Muni Passengers

A man was arrested Saturday morning for allegedly starting a fight on a bus, threatening passengers and smashing a bus window in anger. Muni bus driver, Maurice Dunn, stopped the bus at 22nd and Mission streets and called the police shortly before noon. The suspect “was on the bus, some other man said he bumped into him and that’s all...
Illustration by Courtney Quirin.

The Morning Run on the 14L-Mission Limited

Like the Starship Enterprise of Muni, the 14L-Mission Limited flies down Mission Street, leaving its partner in crime, the “regular” 14-Mission, in the dust. Within minutes of stepping on the 14L at 24th Street, we had already hit the southern gateway of the Mission, which in Muni land is the Mission and 30th Street stop. Years of riding Muni had...