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Conversation With Campos

Editor’s note: This column is one of a series of weekly conversations with District 9 Supervisor David Campos addressing issues and events in the Mission. If you have questions for Campos, send an email to missionlocal@gmail.com. Mission Local: We talked last week about your campaign platform. Looking forward, what are the first steps you will take as a newly reelected...
An inconspicuous office building on Mission Street deals with some of the city's most troubled residents.

Mental Health Battle On

"The more you get to know someone, the more you don't look at them and think, 'The police arrested you naked and defecating in the middle of the street.'" says Walter Glaser, an employment specialist at UC Citywide Community Case Management."He pauses. "Really, do any of us want to be remembered at our worst moment?" En Español

Cops v. Critical Mass Redux

En Español CAFE LA BOHEME  6 A.M.  Good Morning Mission!  51° Fahrenheit; it’s been raining and it will continue to rain, so they say, with maybe a pause in the morning. Marching Around MUNI While some are marching against MUNI this March, others are taking their marching orders in a different direction.  On Saturday, in case you missed it,  the...

Sanctuary City Not Guilty

CAFE LA BOHEME  6 A.M.  Good Morning Mission District!   55° F.  Not raining now, though the air is so wet many walking with umbrellas open like it was still yesterday.  Little rain forecast, mostly in the morning. The Welcome Mat is Out! Yuppies, breathe easy:  your SUV is safe with us.  Allan Hough at Mission Mission shares the latest...