Friends school student

VIDEO: San Francisco Friends School hosts youth summit

Students at the San Francisco Friends School spent months studying issues like youth homelessness and climate change, then invited other middle school students to participate in a summit to learn more about what they learned. More than 230 students from all over the city joined the summit on May 4.

Video profile: Mo Gamin’ on 16th Street

  Six days out of the week, Mo fills packs his car with TVs, chairs, hand sanitizer and video game accessories and takes to the streets to set up a streetside studio where anyone can play on ancient Nintendo video game consoles. He sets up his video game consoles and monitors on top of his Honda Accord wagon and opens up his...

Video: New California marijuana laws endanger free medical cannabis providers

Joe Airone has run a donation-based medical marijuana collective since 1996. Sweetleaf has delivered free medical cannabis to the doorsteps of hundreds of low-income, terminally ill patients in San Francisco. But when marijuana was legalized this year, Airone was forced to close up shop. That left more than a hundred low-income, terminally ill Bay Area residents without access to medication....

SF Mission Station ramping up undercover operations, homeless outreach

Mission Station is upping its homeless outreach and undercover operations, said Captain Gaetano Caltagirone at a community meeting Tuesday at the station.    Caltagirone stepped in as head of the station two months ago with promises of better community relations and more “old-fashioned” policing, including foot patrols and undercover drug busts. He also seems to be taking a more participatory...

Video: SF Locals try to stay loyal to Mission retail despite clarion call of the click

The shop-local movement, it seems, has been disrupted. But not for lack of trying — Mission residents interviewed by Mission Local out and about are going to frequent their favorite local shops looking for holiday gifts. Still, there’s no denying the expediency of online ordering.
Jeremy Rourke explains how he uses the mini-ATA in his stop-motion animations.

‘Trippy’ doc illustrates ATA’s 30 years in the Mission

As Valencia Street in the Mission is increasingly burnished to a shine, Artists’ Television Access — flying a black-and-white sign like a pirate flag — stands out as a rough spot in a sea of diamonds. The cinema collective moved from SoMa to the Mission in 1986. Since then, ATA has hosted art, performance and cinema, exploring the areas where...

The YIMBYs had a ball: Dispatches from a pro-housing party in your backyard

The YIMBYs are no longer just a scattering of familiar voices at public meetings crying out to build housing and build it faster — now they’re now a real nonprofit and a political movement. At least, that’s how it seemed at the group’s first gala. Here’s a glimpse of the evening: There’s fake news, aggregated news, sponsored news. At Mission...