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Tiny Market Adds Even Tinier Bar

Royal Cuckoo Market on 19th and Capp streets is not just a liquor store, market and cafe anymore: it’s now home to the Mission’s latest beer and wine bar. Horsies Saloon, located within the shop but roped off from the market section, offers a cozy setting for a total of eight patrons at a time who will also be able to enjoy an...

Moratoria a Bebidas Alcohólicas Continúa Dividiendo a la Comunidad

El miércoles pasado, el supervisor David Campos cerró una acalorada discusión sobre la prohibición a licencias de alcohol al haberle prometido a los miembros de la comunidad que es posible encontrar un punto neutro. “La convivencia no es algo fácil de lograr”, dijo Campos. “La Misión es un lugar muy especial y queremos que sea un lugar que funcione para...
Supervisor David Campos addresses community members at a public meeting on the Mission's liquor license ban

Liquor Moratorium Continues to Divide Community

A discussion over possible changes to a 16-year-old liquor license moratorium turned into an argument between residents who say they don’t want more liquor in the neighborhood and business owners who say they need it to compete. Some argued that not allowing businesses to transfer licenses is the key issue with moratorium.
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Neighborhood Drinking

The New York Times had a piece on Sunday on the increase in city drinking, its impact on emergency room admissions and the impact on neighborhoods. Here is an excerpt: In one of the newer ads, a young man, face bruised, his neck in a brace, is being hauled away in an ambulance. “Two drinks ago,” the copy reads, “this...

La Comunidad Se Divide Ante Cambios a Prohibición de Venta de Alcohol

Hace poco en una reunión para la comunidad, se puso en claro que los residentes de la Misión están divididos ante los posibles cambios a la moratoria en las licencias para la venta de alcohol que se estableció hace 18 años. El Supervisor David Campos prometió tener más reuniones públicas antes de acordar cualquier modificación a la moratoria. “La pregunta...

Living in the Mission as a Recovering Alcoholic

Wine bottles clink as Amber Young checks labels and price tags at K&D liquor store on 16th Street. She quickly puts bottles back on the shelf, undecided. It’s the first time she’s buying alcohol since becoming sober, and she’s nervous. She walks around the wine section several times before deciding on two bottles of red and two of white. “Had...

The Coolest Map Ever

Crime First Starting things off with the serious stuff: the man who was arrested last month after the sexual assault of a teenage girl in Garfield Park also faces charges from an earlier rape on a woman in the same area, the Chronicle reports. Meanwhile KGO reports that police also arrested a 56-year-old homeless man for alleged arson at an...