Lers Ros

It may be tempting these days to order food from far-flung places – I know specialty meats and gourmet nut stores are doing pretty well right now.  And that’s great; everyone needs help.  But let’s try to do the same right here in our city, right here in our neighborhood.  We’ve got plenty of fancy treats ourselves, you know?

Plus, we have one of the best Thai places around: Lers Ros.  The BF and I had a porkapalooza the other night:  Larb with pork, spicy and bright, and their wonderful koh moo yang, succulent slices of pork shoulder served with a hot chili sauce.  These two dishes will clean your nasal passages for days!  Also, we got the kaeng dang, red curry with eggplant and beef, which was utterly delicious, and it’s now one of my favorite curries ever.

But Lers Ros has tons of other options too – a plethora of veggie, noodle and tofu dishes, soups, rice plates, chicken, quail, frog and seafood.  An old favorite of mine is their koong chae nam pla, a hot-as-hell appetizer of raw prawns in a chili/lemongrass dressing that’ll sizzle your taste buds.  And we all need a little sizzle in our lives right now. Lers Ros is being serviced by DoorDash, or you can call them up and pick your food up yourself, from a clean and safe atmosphere.

And if you want to recommend takeout to your friends who aren’t lucky enough to live in the Mission, there’s a Lers Ros in Hayes Valley and in the Tenderloin, too.

Lers Ros delivery.

Lers Ros
3189 16th Street
(415) 923-8978

Rosamunde Sausage Grill

Is there a better time than now to have some grilled dogs?  What’s more comforting than something grilled, nestled in a bun, that you eat with your hands?  And do you know we have the only Rosamunde left in San Francisco, now that the Haight Street location closed?  (There’s one in Oakland.)  Caviar is delivering for Rosamunde these days and there are lots of choices, from single wieners to plates/combos to family packs you cook up at home.

Of course, the BF got a burger.  But a very good burger, made with grass-fed beef and jack cheese.  I couldn’t decide which sausage to order: the Nuernberger bratwurst? Weisswurst?  The Mission knockwurst wrapped in bacon?  Or go a little wild and get the merguez or duck sausage? Then I espied the currywurst …

Boom! Curry seasoning and curry ketchup take you right back to Berlin.  The BF’s fries fared better than mine, because they gave me so much they steamed a bit.  But no worries. There are other many other choices for sides: potato salad, green salad, sauerkraut, baked beans, German potato salad, pickled eggs …

Rosamunde also offers Beyond Meat sausages for your vegetarian needs, in a classic bratwurst style, and a sweet or hot Italian style.  Don’t want sausage?  Grab a grilled chicken sandwich or a Cobb salad.  And don’t forget the beer!  Rosamunde has craft beers and red wine available for delivery too.

Let’s keep our sausage peddler in the City alive!

Rosamunde delivery.

Rosamunde Sausage Grill
2832 Mission St.