If you have photos from your neighborhood that illustrate what it feels/looks like with the shelter in place policy – whether it is the Mission District or elsewhere – send them to info@missionlocal.com and we will post in photo essays. Please let us know the neighborhood, the location and the date of the photo.  If possible, we could use them at 850 pixels across by 600 to 550 pixels tall. And if the photos you shoot remind you of any poem or piece of music, let us know and we will add a link. Thank you.

There were lots of boarded-up restaurants today — so many that we did a separate story.  Readers sent in photos as well and we’ve added them here. I also saw scenes that seemed so normal, and while I don’t often read poetry, the scenes kept reminding me of poems — and so I linked to a few.

Social Distancing #1 in Dolores Park Thursday afternoon. Photo by Mark Rabine.

Viola Buitoni, our wonderful food writer, sent this in, applauding the mayor for the gesture as many Italians living here are feeling only grief as they watch what is happening in Italy. This gesture from Mayor London Breed happened “on a day where the news out of Italy was particularly grim with videos of a seemingly unending caravan of army trucks taking the coffins out of Bergamo, the hardest hit city in the whole country.  Today at noon, Italians swapped the daily collective applause for healthcare workers with a moment of silence and they will do the same tonight at 6 p.m.”

J&E Chinese Restaurant, across from ZSFGH. Photo by Phyra McCandless. Boarded up windows lined the commercial corridors.

I love the tree in this photo.

J&E Chinese Restaurant across from ZSFGH. Photo by Phyra McCandless.

Normalcy. This scene reminded me of The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams. Photo by Lydia Chávez.

The Food Bank arrived at Mission High School today. Photo by Lydia Chávez.

Road work continued on Mission Street today. Photo by Lydia Chávez.

Mission Local has started a new text service for Spanish speakers.

Free meals at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. Photo by Andrea Valencia.

Social Distancing #2 Dolores Park, Thursday afternoon. Photo by Mark Rabine.

This is a terrible time for everyone, and the Nieman Lab wrote today how the coronavirus could mean “total annihilation” for the alt-weeklies. Keep local journalism around.  Support us or another outlet today.