The Mission District’s supervisor, Hillary Ronen, gave Texas Senator Ted Cruz a piece of her mind Sunday as the two happened to cross paths at Los Angeles International Airport. 

“Children are dying and families are being separated,” Ronen said to Cruz, as a crowd people in the terminal looked on. “You have the power — you’ve been a presidential candidate; you sit in Congress.” 

Ronen’s pleas to Cruz regarded curtailing the imprisonment of Central American migrants at the border, where they are living in squalor — as well as the ongoing practice of separating children from their families at the border. 

Cruz, dressed in a golf outfit, argued that Barack Obama built the cages in which migrants and children are being kept. 

“I don’t care who built the cages — dismantle them,” Ronen replied. “You have the power to dismantle them.” 

Ronen wrote in a Facebook post that she ran into members of AFCSME 3299, the union that represents University of California employees, chanting “free the children.” In a phone interview, Ronen elaborated that as she joined the demonstrators, she noticed people lining to shake Cruz’s hand and take selfies with him. “It was depressing to see that,” Ronen said. 

So Ronen got in line and had a talk with Cruz behalf her Latino constituents in San Francisco (you can see it in the video below).

She told Mission Local that she realizes “I’m not going change Ted Cruz’s mind. This is a man who’s promoted horrible immigration policies for decades.”

But: “Although many may say it’s pointless, I will never miss an opportunity to confront those in power and appeal to their conscience,” Ronen wrote this morning. “And we must not let them have any peace until there is justice.” 

Watch the full video: