The Vietnamese restaurant MAU, located on 18th and Valencia streets, will be closing its doors Saturday.

“Thank you for all your support and patronage over these last five years,” a note taped to its door read on Wednesday morning.

The popular pho spot cited rising rent and operating costs as reasons for its closure, EaterSF reported, based on an earlier note on the restaurant’s door.

Increasingly, businesses on Valencia Street are struggling with rent spikes, labor shortages and competition from e-commerce. Several other Valencia businesses bit the dust this year, including Dijital Fix back in July, as well as boutique gallery Ruby’s and the furniture store Gingko in January.

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  1. I’m seeing more and more empty stores on Valencia. Greedy SOBs have sucked the street dry. This is the end result of gentrification, folks.

    1. Agree, what is going on with Valencia, every other block has vacated space. Secure long term good credit tenant is the key.

  2. Nooo! Over the past 20 years, Valencia has lost countless delicious, locally owned, low-priced “international” restaurants, with cuisine from all parts of the world. The closures follow a pattern: For a couple years, there’s the typical “empty store blight”; then a remodel, and a PR-campaigned grand-opening of some Cali-inspired fusion spot, with natural wood walls and no sound dampening, and mains that start at $25 – unless they start at $35. (Not that the prices matter, since a reservation is impossible to get after the PR campaign fills the seats for the first six months, as every Instagrammer stops in for the obligatory “look at me” shot.) Mau was one of the only “new” restaurants, ie, opened in the last decade, that was different: friendly, inexpensive, available for a drop in dinner without a 2 hour wait, and most importantly, delicious! Mau gave me hope that an “old style” Valencia restaurant could still thrive on the new Valencia. (Not to mention: A pho spot with a name that is not a pho pun. Yay!) Mau, you’ll be missed.

  3. Well, for how many times I walked out waiting for service (which was never good if it ever arrived), this isn’t a surprise. Yes, the food was great, but really, there is so much good food in the neighborhood, why should we suffer with gruff service?

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