Last week we posted a video trying to explain the Twitter IPO to the average person. Now, Time Magazine has taken things a step further and created a calculator that can determine how much Twitter owes you for your personal account. Just plug in the name of any public Twitter account, and though a combination of math and guessing the calculator gives you a number.

So hey, Twitter, where’s our $2,300?

Chris Schodt

Chris Schodt built a running motor before turning 10. By 26, he pivoted — just slightly — from a career in science to writing about it as a journalist. The St. Paul, Minn., transplant hopes to uncover...

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  1. Um, Mission Local, this isn’t cute. Also, how much do you owe them since they let you get the word out about your blog? Oh, that’s right. Their service to you is FREE. Twitter doesn’t owe you anything.

    But they DO owe the city of San Francisco some taxes, perhaps ones earmarked for use in developing low-income housing…

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