Last week, Latino legislators supported an undocumented law school graduate’s plea to be allowed to practice law.

Mission Local took to the streets to ask your opinion: if undocumented immigrants pass the bar exam, should they be allowed to practice law?

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  1. No; they have already broken the law by being in the U.S. illegally. If anything,they need to be deported back to their own country, wherever that may be. Frankly, I am surprised that they were even able to get into law school let alone take the CA Bar Exam. Seems as if some cheating was done along the way.

  2. There is a moral character and fitness evaluation portion to being license to practice law in California (in addition to passing the bar exam). The moral fitness exam is particularly concerned about crime of “moral turpitude” which is basically crimes “conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals.”

    With that in mind and the fact that to remain in the states and continue with higher education, you probably falsified some documents at some point in the process, I doubt you would pass the fitness exam. Plus, deception for self interest, is highly frowned upon.

  3. Let her go back where ever she is from and see if that country will recognize her law degree. If they do they she can practice there, if not she can get a job waiting on tables in a tourist bar! Really don’t care, what part if illegal don’t you people in California understand? Send her a$$ packing!

  4. You can’t be a lawyer if you break the law! That is the law! This is a Federal Issue not a state issue! All lawyers who pass the bar have to recount all offenses, including parking fines! If you lie about being undocumented, you are lying to the State Bar under oath!