It’s 7:45 a.m., 52°, and we’re headed for 63°. In other words: just a little colder than yesterday. Details are here.

In your local and not-so-local news:

More on how Jerry Brown vetoed the budget, in the Chron. It’s the first time in California history that a governor has done this, AND it’s less than two weeks until the start of the next fiscal year in California. Get ready for some drama.

Mayoral candidates talk tech. Police officers don’t have email addresses? Really? And talk of free citywide wireless is in the air again. Again, this should be interesting. Remember what happened last time?

And did you know that the city has been suing the U.S. Postal service? For the last two years? The issue, reports the Bay Citizen, is that the USPS refuses to deliver mail directly to residents of SROs, on the grounds that it’s too difficult and expensive. An estimated 11,000 SF residents live in SROs.

And because that’s a lot of hard news right before a beautiful weekend, we’re going to end with some very attractive photos of caves and tunnels, courtesy of the Atlantic’s In Focus blog.