A Woman Asks for a Cigarette, a Carjacking Ensues

No arrests have been made.

A man’s car is back in his possession today after a carjacker took it for a one-block joyride that ended when the suspect hit a parked car on the 600 block of Capp Street, according to police.

The victim had been drinking at El Trebol sports bar on the corner of 22nd and Capp when a female patron asked him for a cigarette at around 12:40 a.m. When he went to retrieve his cigarettes from his car, the suspect approached him and asked, “What are you doing with my sister?” according to the police report.

Not waiting for an answer, the suspect pointed a gun at the victim and asked for his car keys, cash and cell phone.

As the victim watched, the suspect drove away, but moments later hit a parked car and then fled on foot.

The victim retrieved his car and drove to 22nd and Shotwell.

Police at first questioned the victim’s report, which conflicted with that of an anonymous witness who placed the carjacking at a different time.

The victim told police that he delayed reporting the crime for 30 minutes because he hesitated to do so until he realized that he would need a police report to submit a claim to his insurance company for the damage to his car. Police said the victim’s story also changed a few times, but attributed this to the fact that English was not his first language.

The victim had been drinking before the incident, but police determined that he was within legal limits and have confirmed that he was indeed the victim in this case.

No arrests have been made, and it’s not clear if the suspect was related to the woman who apparently never got her cigarette.

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  1. marco

    Or… the guy was a bit drunk, hit a parked car, then thought he could get insurance money if he said it was stolen.

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