Bike, Cycle, Bike

It’s all about being outside. Print out our map and explore the Mission District’s bike lanes and bike shops. If you must stay inside, check out our bike videos in related content.

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  1. LiveInTheMission

    Cool map, thanks. The map identifies Cesar Chavez and 17th as streets where “bikes and cars share these lanes”, which is true. (And, which is also true for all the streets here.)

    Unofficial bike streets, IMO, are 15th St eastbound, which is and important bike arterial after coming down the hill from the Wiggle. Also, 24th Street is tame enough from motor vehicles that I see that it is very popular with bicyclists. And, personally I find that the north-south street Shotwell is narrow enough that it isn’t popular with motor vehicles which makes it a very attractive N-S bicycle route option.

  2. Tecpatl Quiahuitl

    Great map but I think it would be easier to read without the grey background with the little circles. I don’t know if that was intentional or not. I have had problems printing PDFs in which light grey becomes much darker. Thanks, though.

  3. Anrica Deb

    Awesome map Molly.

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