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As Jennifer Quintanilla and her three-month-old son waited in the parking lot at 198 Valencia at 6:45 p.m. Monday for her husband to finish closing up, she became suspicious. She had just seen a customer walk out of the Oil Changer where her husband is the manager, and then return.

The customer had no car, she said Tuesday recounting the robbery, so he didn’t need an oil change.

With her three-month-old son in her arms, she walked around the back to speak with her husband, Joey Piland,  who was still at the counter.

Instead she watched a robbery unfold.

The suspect asked her 31-year-old husband, “How’s business going?”

He then pulled a large shotgun out of his coat. “Give me everything you have.”

“I’ve got my wife and kid here,” her husband said and then he opened the cash register and proceeded to hand over the money.

While Quintanilla stood by stunned, the suspect held the shotgun in one hand, and tried to stuff money into his coat pockets with the other. He became angry when her husband wouldn’t help him find a bag to put the money in.  But after collecting more than $450 the suspect fled, running up the street and vanishing after he turned the corner.

Quintanilla said she wanted to run after the suspect, but decided that was a bad idea. No arrests have been made and the investigation is still in progress, police said.

Piland said the suspect first came in asking to use the restroom and then returned to rob the store.  He described the suspect as a black male, about 170 lbs, 6’1”, in his early thirties. He wore a large black coat with orange lining on the hood and dirty blue jeans.

Quintanilla expressed concern about finding the suspect and worried that another robbery could happen in the future. She said his image was not caught on camera because of the way in which Oil Changers’ security cameras were positioned.

The cameras are pointed toward the counter and only recorded images of the suspect’s hands. Piland has mentioned this to the corporate office and he and his wife are hoping more cameras will be installed in the waiting room.

Meanwhile, it’s Piland’s day off and he was not happy to be at the shop all day dealing with the events that occurred last night.

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  1. Just go to those new projects at 14th and Valencia and you’ll find your man. Where else do you think he went. What a cesspool that is.

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