To start with, Vic Wong of Mission Mission hits up the Giant Value 99 cents on Mission Street, acknowledging it’s potential for photographic awesomeness. I especially love how the peeling paint in the middle looks like two birds staring at one another.

The year’s almost over and in terms of violent crime, things have greatly improved in the Mission, according to Mayor Gavin Newsom and Police Chief George Gascon. From 99 homicides down to 45, that’s more than a 50 percent reduction. There was, however, a slightly Rumsfeldian quote from Gascon when, according to KTVU, he “noted that reduced rates of rape, robbery, auto thefts and aggravated assaults mean ‘hundreds of people are walking around the city who have not been victims of crime.'”

Speaking of guns, CNN tells a story about gun-totin’, hog-huntin’ city slickers that starts off at a dinner in the Mission District and is worth reading if for no other reason than it starts off with this quote:

“”He had this leg of a whole animal in his mouth, and I asked him [where] had he gotten this meat,”


If you haven’t wandered around there, or only find yourself there on your way to Rainbow Grocery or Best Buy, the area above 16th around Folsom/Harrison/Bryant is pretty fascinating. Flickr photographer shandopics brings us an example of such a view that’s accessible in this post-industrial cityscape. By the looks of it, this is part of a larger project on the area around 15th and Folsom, so keep checking back on his work!

On the food beat, SFoodie takes a look at Japanese bar food-joint Nombe, opened up in the old Santana’s taqueria space. Sake and street food sounds tasty. Meanwhile, hitting up SFoodie twice is well worth it since this list of effing fat-tastic foods to eat before your new year’s resolutions start is clearly on my top 10 list of blog posts from 2009. Tangentially Mission, but I want all of them. This is why I‘m should be fat.