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Photo by Sawsan Morrar

Why We Go to Día de Los Muertos in San Francisco

On Wednesday, a crowd of more than 2,000 people gathered in the Mission for an annual festival of altars and procession commemorating the Día de Los Muertos Mexican ancestral holiday. San Francisco natives and visitors alike turned out for the event, which we covered all night here. Get to know a few of the people who stopped to talk tradition,...
Rebekah Sitty with her son. Photo by Laura Newberry

SF Altar Honors Orlando’s 49 Pulse Nightclub Victims

As Rebekah Sitty approached the corner of Harrison and 26th streets in the Mission, a 12-foot tall rainbow welcomed her into the Day of the Dead altar festival. Sitty, who was joined by her partner and her two-year-old son on Wednesday night, has been coming to the celebration for 25 years. The first feelings that hit her were happiness and...

Day of the Dead — Thousands Gather in the Mission

10:05 p.m. — We’re signing off as Day of the Dead celebrations wind down in the Mission. Scroll down for photos, videos and stories from this year’s festival of altars and procession — then be sure to check back Thursday for more coverage! It’s Día de Los Muertos, which means San Francisco is headed to the Mission. Check the updating...
Refugio and Elvira Nieto led a march from Bernal Heights in honor of their son Alex, who was shot and killed by SFPD in 2014.

Parents of Alex Nieto Remember Their Son and Wait for a Permanent Altar

Today could have been different for the Nietos. They thought their son Alex Nieto would have a permanent memorial in Bernal Heights by the time Día de los Muertos came. They envisioned leading the annual procession of mourners from the memorial to Garfield Park, where he and other victims of police violence would be honored at public altars. “We want...
Richard Ramirez speaks about his experience with homelessness. Photo by Serginho Roosblad

SF Homeless Advocates Memorialize the Dead and Do Some Campaigning

In his four years living on the streets, Richard Ramirez watched three fellow homeless people die. One man passed away in his arms. “Apparently he had walking pneumonia,” Ramirez said. “He didn’t even know he had it. He literally just fell from his feet straight to the ground.” Ramirez recounted the story for a crowd of some 25 people who...
Sugar skulls by Mexican artist Miguel Quintana. Photo by Lauren Hepler

Merchants, Artists Turn to Day of the Dead During Turbulent Times

After eight months of arranging incognito border crossings for highly in-demand Donald Trump piñatas, Nancy Charraga is enjoying a change of pace. The last few days have been a whirlwind of sugar skulls, technicolor paper flowers and other seasonal décor sought out by clientele of her Valencia Street shop, Casa Bonampak — all ahead of celebrations for the Día de...
Image courtesy of SOMARTS

Loss, History and a Promise for the Mission at SOMArts

René Yañez is widely credited with bringing the tradition of dia de los muertos to live in San Francisco, but this year, the Day of the Dead exhibition he curated at SOMArts Cultural Center is both acutely local and nationally relevant. This year’s compilation of artistic offerings, A Promise Not to Forget, pays tribute to several recently passed local artists. Among...

Día de los Muertos Sweeps Through SF Mission

Hundreds of people gathered in the Mission last night to watch a procession of skeletons on stilts, indigenous dancers, skeleton-painted faces, and candle-holding participants commemorating their passed ancestors and loved ones. Crowds thronged 24th Street, spilling from packed sidewalks onto the street, with their phones overhead to catch the march going by. Some darted into barber shops, where they could get their face painted...
La Mexicana Bakery displays a Homie Box of itself made by Cynthia or Cindy Delosa Photo by Daniel Mondragón

Long-Time Artist Captures a Genteel Mission in Homie Boxes

Chances are, you’ve seen Cindy DeLosa’s work in windows around the Mission: small dioramas with “homie” figurines depicting iconic scenes and moments in the neighborhood. The “homie boxes,” as they’re called, can be spotted everywhere, but if you want to see about a dozen of them in one place, head for the window galley at Precita Eyes on 24th Street, where Cindy...

Thousands Celebrate Mission’s Day of the Dead

Thousands came to the Mission last night for the annual Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead celebrations, a traditional Meso-American holiday in which the living honor the deceased. Families and friends started to gather at 4 p.m. at Garfield Park to build, display or view the altars of loved ones who are no longer around. The young...
Joaquín Floriano, the salesman of smooth photos at Factory2U. Photo by Andrea Valencia

Slick Pics, Decked out Skulls, an Altar

It’s after noon, which means it’s time for… The Afternoon Report. Here’s what we’ve got: Good looking fantasy On Mission Street and 22nd, I stopped in my tracks when I spotted two photos framed and leaning against the wall of Factory2U, the discount store. I had seen these a few days before and thought someone had discarded them. But in...

VIDEO: Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos came at a critical time for the Mission District this year. Volunteers from the Marigold Project and Erick Arguello from the Lower 24th Street Merchants and Neighbors Association discuss the importance of the festival as well as the direction of the neighborhood.