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McSweeney’s Book Release Party Tonight

McSweeney’s is celebrating the release of John Brandon’s latest novel, “A Million Heavens,” tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Amnesia, 853 Valencia St. The book is about a piano prodigy in a coma, but promises to deliver much more. The free event will feature the author and live musical accompaniment.

Panorama Arrives, Yats Departs

Few headlines warrant an outburst from me, but the Eater’s scoop that Yat’s New Orleans Original Po Boys is moving to the Bayview brought out a despaired “Noooo!” It’s great the fried seafood and fried turkey slinging eatery will be able to move into a dedicated storefront, but 4800 Third Street is so far away. Get some before they move...

Talking Statues, Pot Smoking and PB&J

Seems like a slow local news night when Mission Mission is covered with images of goofy genital towels and SF Gate is focused on the Giants’ star pitcher, Tim Lincecum, smoking pot. Check out Rosa Ramirez’s article about SF City College’s innovative (if slightly creepy) statue installation touting the merits of two-year schools. Mayor Newsom’s headed back from Hawaii, apparently...