Batten down the hatches, people! The National Weather Service says our first major storm of the fall is on track to hit tonight, and she’s supposed to be a doozy. So, lay in the hot-toddy-making supplies, dig out your galoshes, and cue up the Neil Young. A typhoon is like a hurricane, after all.

Still chilly? Brooke Minter’s profile of the Sexy Soup Lady is sure to warm you up. And Alissa Figueroa’s story on gang colors might make you glad enough to stay home, or at least wear earth tones.

In other news, the Chron reports on three enterprising women from the Mission, who recently graduated from an 11-week business training program held at the Mission Cultural Center. They’ll use their new skills to start a glass jewelery business, a gourmet food truck and a clothing boutique.

The New Yorker reviewed the new Where the Wild Things Are movie — Dave Eggers of Valencia 826 collaborated on the screenplay with director Spike Jonze. The reviewer praised the movie’s momentum and monster suits but said those wild things talk too much and might perplex the kiddos.

Meanwhile, National Public Radio says SF’s a hotbed of salumi activity. See it for yourself later this week, when Mission Loc@l takes you inside Tuesday’s sold-out meat-curing class at 18 Reasons.

And, finally, congrats to The San Francisco Chronicle — the Association of Food Journalists named its Food & Wine section best in the country.

Stay dry!