UPDATE 2:03 p.m. Humphrey Slocombe just tweets that Ryan Farr’s wife just went into labor in their store. Along with Gavin and Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s new baby girl today, this is a lot of baby for one day. Congratulations to both families!

Safari users, here’s your link to Brooke Minters’s piece on the Magic Curry Man.

Congrats to Kevin Montgomery of Mission Mission for being Broke Ass Stuart’s Broke Ass of the Week. And is apparently psychic.

Also from Mission Mission, Jonathan Richman is playing the Make Out Room September 20-23.

Via SFist, two very important pieces of news. The first, from Bay Area Reporter, that President Obama might – might – be in town for the National Equality March/Coming Out Day on October 11. The second, that PBR prices are going up.

And from the Golden Gate [X]press, a profile of the Genie in the Oz hookah cafe on 22nd Street.

The Snitch asks if the mayor, as lots of angry union workers asserted today, broke his promise to the SEIU in not finding new sources of revenue.

Also, this has been tonight’s soundtrack.

– Armand

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