Later this morning, we’ll have an update on mission mssion’s post of the silver PT cruiser that hit a father and son out for a bike ride, and then cruised on. UDPATE:  SEE our story on the hit and run and please notify the victims if you have any information.

Incredible.  I’ve always hated those cruisers.

Lots of openings last night at Chile Lindo’s on 22nd Street (between Valencia and Mission) where the crowd seemed to be full of many of the older (not too old) Mission District luminaries such as the poet and professor Manuel Murgia, in his lovely white suit and hat.  Many were here  years ago, when Paula sold empandas on 16th Street, but now she’s opened with a new place and new life on 22nd Street between Valencia & Mission.  The empanadas were deliciosas.

Grab one and then consider the state budget and once again the Gov. and the legislators are deadlocked on how much or how little to give to the poor. Check out these two stories on the Mission District’s health clinics and seniors to see how really bad things could get even with the stimulus or the vanishing stimulus as it turns out.

But these are the kind of days that one turns to art (or icecream) for uplifting.  So for SAFARI uses who can’t get our feature today that profiles one of three artists chosen to vie for the Valencia Street Project, here it is.

But for neighborhood archeologists, there’s a lot of action going on behind the wooden facade of Cine Latino on Mission Street.  Workers are unsure of what will go there….maybe several projects…cinelatino1

squareAnd if you’re wondnering what city will have fireworks to watch, SFGate will let you know.