Telegenic adventure chef Anthony Bourdain is coming to the Mission! Mission Mission (wow, never thought I’d type “Mission” three times in a row) has the scoop. There’d be more to say, except MM’s already said it, including hippie raw vegan cafes, and our crown jewel of street food. My personal requests, of course, would be Tonayense and Cancun. Any other places you’d like to see him hit up? We’re awaiting the showdown between Bourdain and Meave. I’m no vegan, but I’d go out on a limb to defend the dinner I had at Herbivore last week.

We saw on SFist that Artists’ Television Access has put out its call for the Fourth Annual ATA Film & Video Festival. Submit: “Video, Super 8, 16 mm animation, cell phone footage, documentary, narrative, abstract, found footage” … really, anything that moves.

7×7 published (okay, okay, a few weeks ago) their listing of the coolest free pieces of public art in San Francisco. I’m a bit surprised (and appalled) that none of the named places are in the Mission, with its 6,097 murals. Fortunately, local street photographers at have been documenting these pieces for us, and uploading to our Flickr group photo feed. Check it out, and upload your own. In the meantime, consider the photos a scavenger hunt … find them all!