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Board of Appeals President Chris Hwang (left) and Arcelia Hurtado study new documents in the 1050 Valencia hearing on January 15.

1050 Valencia Condo Debate Creates Unlikely Foes

The 1050 Valencia condo debate hit an interesting crossroads on Wednesday night, dividing two San Francisco factions whose interests oftentimes align. On one side of the debate, there are those against modern condos changing the...
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‘Elect to Laugh': Will Durst’s Political Comedy at The Marsh

“Elect to Laugh,” a standup comedy show at The Marsh on Valencia Street, is the brainchild of political comic Will Durst, who will blend monologues and commentary starting at 8 p.m. every Tuesday between now and...
Photo by Briget Huber

Hey Kids! 1.14 – 1.19

MLK Day, Henry Oden, Pancho Villa/Panco Vilja and more!
Photo by Laurie Buenafe Krsmanovic.

Holiday Shows, Dirt, Bubbles, y Más!

It’s official, holiday season is in full swing! The city is teeming with bubbles, baubles, bunnies and elves.  Check out the events listing below, as well as SFKids’ copious holiday events flyer and best bets...

THE MARSH: Tings Dey Happen

Dan Hoyle’s TINGS DEY HAPPEN Nov 20-29, Fri/Sat at 8 pm, Sun at 2 pm Dan Hoyle’s TINGS DEY HAPPEN, is a riveting award-winning adventure story, a geopolitical tour-de-force about the year Hoyle studied oil...

THE MARSH-New York Values

Penny Arcade’s NEW YORK VALUES November 20-22,  18+ Frid at 8pm Sat at 5pm Sun at 3pm Marsh Studio Theater Upstairs “Traditionally people who live on the Lower East Side, we don’t work, because we...
Caelan Fry

10.21-10.27 Mission Family Health Days, Arab Heritage and More!

Mission Family Healthy Days, Arab Heritage Month and more.