PHOTOS: Scenes from SPCA’s 145th Anniversary Celebration

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It was a dog day afternoon at San Francisco’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (SPCA). Celebrating 145 years of service to the community of animals and humans, the organization hosted a three-day event centered around an adoption fair, featuring a Friday night cocktail party and an all–day street carnival on Saturday.

Under the blazing sun of San Francisco’s fashionably late summer, the block party on 15th and Treat hosted games, food trucks, live entertainment and booths from a bevy of animal-friendly organizations, all providing a little extra fun and community engagement for those looking to adopt a pet or just visit with friends and neighbors.

For the weekend, all adoption fees are waived at SPCA, and volunteers say they expected upwards of 150 adoptions during that time.



  1. The SF SPCA has disturbingly chosen to support and promote the suffering of farm animals, by inviting food trucks serving animal products to their carnival event. This directly violates their mission statement “to save and protect animals” and “to advocate for their welfare.”

    Especially in a city like San Francisco where there are so many delicious and compassionate plant-based food options, there is no excuse for harming animals for food – especially by an organization whose mission is supposed to be to help animals.

    Hopefully, SPCA’s supporters and employees will soon see the disconnect between the way they treat some animals just because they can be used for “pleasure” or profit, or because it’s currently socially acceptable (parallel to the reasons certain groups of humans have been abused and oppressed throughout history).

  2. Yvonne

    I heard that animals were served at this event. It seems weird that such a great animal rescue organization would do this. Aren’t the lives of cows, chickens, pigs, and fishes just as important to these animals as dogs’ and cats’ lives are to them? I’m sure all have a will to live, and to remain off the dinner plates of humans who can surely survive and thrive without animal flesh. SF SPCA would be even more respected if it were to widen the circle of compassion to include all animals!

  3. Warren Jones

    It’s a shame that the SPCA chooses to support animal cruelty by having food trucks at their event that serve animal products. Don’t ALL animals deserve kindness & compassion?

  4. Yeah, it always blows my mind when these popular, accessible, charismatic organizations preach compassion for animals with one hand, and then serve you a hotdog with the other. Why are they afraid to preach compassion for all animals? I can’t even imagine a financial motivation… Are they subsidized by the USDA? :O

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