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In the week following the announcement of the iPhone 5s and 5c, Apple’s shares lost more than $50 in value. The company says demand for the new phones is high, but for the first time, Apple isn’t releasing pre-order numbers. How many people want these new phones?

The Wall Street Journal’s All Things D called the 5s “…the best smartphone on the market.” TechCrunch, AnandTech and CNET were equally complimentary.

Other reviewers are more skeptical. Bloomberg stated, “There’s nothing wrong with either phone. But there’s not much that’s pulse-quickening about them either.” And the San Jose Mercury Times’ Silicon Valley blog read, “When it was announced, Apple’s new iPhone 5c was panned for being too costly and its sibling, the new iPhone 5s, for being little different from last year’s model. But on closer inspection, they may be even more disappointing.”

We asked people in the Mission if they plan to upgrade.