VIDEO: 60 Seconds: How do you keep safe in the Mission?

En Español.

In the first eight months of the year, reports of robberies increased dramatically in the Mission District. In light of the upswing, we walked around the neighborhood with a camera, talking to people about what — if any — safety precautions they take to avoid becoming victims.

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  1. IlanaSF

    I learned some good tips from a petite blonde who lives in Oakland and is never hassled: Always walk with purpose, with your head up and paying attention to your surroundings. (Of course this means not using a cell phone!) Walk at a slightly brisk pace if you feel unsafe. And turn your head to look behind/around you fairly often so potential muggers will avoid you – they take advantage the element of surprise, and also may not want you to see what they look like.

  2. Don’t dress like you want to be victimized.

    I have noticed some smaller guys wearing T-shirts that if a person read them, they certainly will not mess with them. That said, wear a T that says, “I love SF” and you might just end up hating your stay.

    I was on 16th and saw a woman who wore a shirt that said “Don’t ask me for S…!”

    I understand this is not always possible but it is all about lessening your chances of being a victim.

    Another suggestion: Don’t be afraid to walk the streets of the Mission often.

  3. Pamela

    To stay safe, avoid the Mission!

  4. randolph mortimer

    To stay safe in the Mission, keep electing David Campos and other completely ineffectual supervisors who deny the neighborhood has problems, always blame victims of crime as asking for it, and urinate wherever you want in the streets, but especially around the BART stations.

  5. landline

    To those commenters that like to complain about Campos, I encourage you to announce your candidacy for supervisor. Pamela probably finds it more lucrative to gentrify the housing stock in the neighborhood than serve the public. I don’t know how to analyze mortimer’s commentary other than some people are happier trolling than taking constructive actions.

    • Blurpy

      So…Campos is a good supervisor, simply because he ran (unopposed) for the position? Got it.

      • landline

        I didn’t claim he was good, but I don’t rail against him continually like some unconstructive commenters.

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