Chile Lindo broken windows
When Paula Tejeda showed up to her store on Tuesday morning, the windows were shattered and the cash register was missing. Photo courtesy of Paula Tejeda.

Chile Lindo, an empanada restaurant at 16th and Capp streets, was burglarized Monday night, according to owner Paula Tejeda. 

Early Tuesday morning, an employee called Tejada to the store, where she discovered her windows had been shattered and locks broken. The cash register, which she estimated carried around $500, was missing. 

Tejeda wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday that she was at her “wits’ end” and was considering shuttering the restaurant. But, speaking to Mission Local on Thursday, she said “I’m over the worst part” and does not plan on closing. 

When she learned of the burglary, she said, “I was very shocked and exhausted.”

Tejeda, who has long sold empanadas and coffee out of the window in the 105-year-old former union hub dubbed the “Redstone Building,” said the burglary was an unwelcome ordeal, especially after having to fight to stay afloat through the pandemic. But she was reassured as community members supported her with calls and notes. 

A community member started a GoFundMe on Tuesday. It is at $3,200 of its $10,000 goal. “It’s very uplifting,” she said. 

“You have to keep going,” she added. “You have no choice.”

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  1. when i lived in Bagdad by the bay many years ago and even worked in the former “Redstone” building use to frequent Chile Lindo and always always found more than just a “to die for” delicious empanada but also a most friendly smile and a delicious food treat. Also having lived and studied in Chile while an international student can tell you first hand her empanadas are as good as in Chile; muy sabroro !
    and know with the help of God, she will weather this unfortunate incident and come through in flying colors. Vive Chile siempre !

    1. I took a screen shot of your comment, because it is the type of comment that makes me livid. Cleary you have no idea the amount of work that goes into making an empanada. Just because I’m on 16th and Capp, and not on Valencia Street, that doesn’t mean that I can’t provide a good product, made with Niman Ranch beef and Mary’s free range chicken, and baked fresh daily by hand. If I were on Valencia Street it would cost $12 and you probably would pay for it without thinking much of it. Clearly you’re “Not a Native” of San Francisco and you’re clueless of what it takes to run a small business in this town.–Paula Tejeda, Chile Lindo owner

    2. Most improper to get into a personal harangue directed against one of the commentators … but … this comment is trolling by an individual who knows nothing of Paula or the effort la Dama has put into Chile Lindo. She’s the real deal buena vecina of The Mission and .. you … obviously … never had one of her empanadas.

  2. Terrible and why we need both public aid but also the police and cases to be prosecuted.

    Other districts have plans to help cover broken windows. Seems our supervisor in particular has forgotten local businesses

  3. The campaign to get the police off our streets and outta our faces is all well and good. Progress has been made to get the oppression (real and perceived) to just stay out of sight.
    But then one of The Mission’s stalwart, super nice, super hard working cultural assets gets this.
    A couple of blocks from the police station.
    Think I’ll go get one of Paula’s super delish empanadas.