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Good Morning, Mission! Welcome to Virus Village, your daily Covid-19 data dump.

San Francisco new cases continue to decline but a three-day national uptick has the CDC worried.

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While waiting for The Vaccination, check out things to do this weekend and scroll down for today’s Covid numbers.

As of February 25, 20 percent (149,646) of San Francisco residents over 16 have received one dose, while  8 percent (57,551) have received two. On February 25, 4941 shots were delivered to San Franciso residents, bringing the seven day rolling average of shots per day to 4251.3.   For information on where to get vaccinated in and around the Mission, visit our Vaccination Page.

Covid-19 R Estimation puts the local number at .73, while the ensemble has it at .74. Though wil the virus is still likely in decline,  estimates for California’s R Number have risen slightly over the week ranging now between .48 and .79 with an average of .73.

Between January 25 and February 23,  DPH recorded 276 new cases among Mission residents or  46.3 new cases per 10,000 residents.   During that period, Bayview Hunters Point had 240 new cases, Tenderloin 234, Excelsior 222, SOMA 120, Visitacion Valley 110, Western Addition 65, Chinatown 56,  North Beach 25, Castro 25, Inner Richmond 26, Outer Richmond 97, Inner Sunset 34, Sunset/Parkside 107 and Glen Park had 1 new case.

The downward trend in SF cases continues. For the week ending February 19, the seven-day average of daily new cases in the City fell to 67, or 7.7 new cases per day per 100,000 residents. The last time the new case count was this low was November 3.

Based on the group’s population figures, as of February 23, Latinx residents have had a cumulative case rate of 1060 per 10,000 residents, Pacific Islanders 765, Native Americans 697, Blacks 442, Mult-racials 210, Whites 206 Asians 205, and Citywide rate has been 390 per 10,000 residents.

Today’s figures include 2 ICU transfers and 0 Acute Care transfers. For the week ending February 25, the rate of weekly change in Covid positive patients fell 14 percent.   During that week,  the seven-day average availability of ICU beds was 31 percent and Acute Care availability was 25 percent. On February 25, DPH reports those with Covid make up 8 percent of ICU patients and  3.9 percent of those in Acute Care. While still reporting 100 percent of required PPE on hand, DPH provides no other information regarding hospital workers, demographic information of those hospitalized or cumulative hospitalization numbers.

SFGH is 93 percent filled with an ICU 90 percent occupied. On the other side of the Mission, CPMC Mission Bernal is 57 percent filled and has 0 ICU  patients. .   

 Between December 24 and February 24, Mission residents took 29,642 tests for a testing rate of 497 per 1,000 residents with an average positivity rate of approximately 4.5 percent.

California’s 14 day positivity rate has fallen  below 3 percent for the first time since October 26.  On January 8, the rate was 14 percent.

Of all shots delivered to San Francisco residents, Asians have received 32, percent, Whites 30 percent, Muilti-racials 10.4 percent, Latinx 9.1 percent, and Blacks 3.5 percent. Of the shots delivered by DPH, Asians have received 41.7 percent, Whites 20.5 percent, Latinx 17.3 percent, Multi-racial 8 percent, and Blacks 7.6 percent, 

Cumulative Covid Deaths in San Francisco

While we revise our Covid deaths graph, here’s the DPH chart taken from their website:

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  1. Mark, Do you have any insights as to the pretty large uptick in reported covid deaths in San Francisco despite the cases reported dropping significantly?

    I just saw today that another 12 covid deaths were reported… and it’s one of the largest daily tolls I’ve seen thus far.


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